Real Life Angels enhances the lives of rehabilitated teens and young adults, which improves the quality of life of each person, their families, and the community as a whole. We assist qualifying individuals who have completed a recovery program for medical hardships, both mental and/or physical. Hardships include mental/physical illnesses and disabilities, drug/alcohol abuse and mental/physical abuse.

The inception of this non-profit was birthed when a few struggling adolescents allowed two aspiring entrepreneurs a glimpse into the world of drug addiction and recovery.  In response, this organization formed and our initial purpose is awarding continuing education scholarships to aspiring individuals who are in recovery from the life-threatening disease of chemical dependency.


Through the dedication and generosity of caring individuals and businesses, Real Life Angels provides valuable career services and financial aid to rehabilitated teens and young adults.  Our present vision is small, focused on grassroots fundraising, and is engineered to simply provide a substantial scholarship to a rehabilitated individual.  Our evolving vision is large, encompassing more significant scholarships, career guidance, business partnerships, and concrete vocational skills training for youth who are seeking to enhance their contribution to society, and in turn, make the world a better place.  As we gather community support, acquire financial contributions, and expand our services, we will stay grounded in our vision to build a sustainable support network for those seeking a second chance in life.